Neptune Oyster

What can I say about Neptune Oyster that hasn't already been said? Probably nothing, so this review is really just a way for me to remember what I've had for future purposes.

Long wait even at 2:30 on a Thursday

Warm bread served

Buttermilk Johnny Cake: fuck. Better. So good. Yes. The sturgeon tastes like tuna, except not like a vagina. Butter butter butter yeah! Butter under the caviar and a bUtter soaked cake. Turns out butter pairs really well with butter. One of the best things we've ever eaten.

Bee's river oysters ($2.90): Almost too salty, but so good
Totten inlet (Puget sound - $3.20): They got fucked up in transport, I guess. Some gooey shit happened, like a yeasty vagina, nothing like my wonderful PNW coast oyster experience in Seattle.
Thatch island ($2.80): Mm still salty. Almost gulf-ish. 
I tried having my oysters with a Guinness this time cuz I read that shit somewhere: Yes! Do this!

Anchovy cocktail: fresh anchovies, good, okay, whatever

Scallops: cooked perfectly, perfect flavor combo. Even way better than Island Creek. My wife said she'd never bother cooking scallops again. The pear butter and or baked brussels sprouts had a hint of lightly burnt marshmallow that mmph.

Lobster roll with mayo: A tiny but too much pepper, and when I'm criticizing someone on the nuance, that's a good sign. Tons of lobster, nice amount of mayo. Great buttered, lightly toasted brioche hot dog bun
Fries: Russell House kind of fries. Greasy
Garlic mayo: Whoa lots of garlic, still nice
Asked for pistachio aioli, really fun aioli

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