I'm not spending any more time than I feel like putting my thoughts and notes and whatnot to this, but I did want to put these pictures somewhere. I still find the menus interesting, and maybe someone else out there will find this useful or fun too.

Hotel U Medvidku

Drunken Plums

Pheasant Legs

Literally underground club, winds through a cave


2 am awful fast food, not like in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Cute coffee shop

Don't get this poppyseed shit.

Beer flights

Skip this crap.

I wanted to get a banh mi in Prague really badly, but every time I came by this place, other than the one time I was running by without money on me, it was closed.

I passed by this place a lot, and it all looked great.

Pretty, yeah?

All this stuff was actually gross.

This thing was okay, but I's skip Jan Paukert.

Snacks from the train station vending machines

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