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Local Roots - Roanoke, VA

Local Roots is one of my really good road trip finds. There were tables outside, at sunset, with perfect weather. There was no wait. And they let us have our dog there, bringing her water twice.
They have local beers, and you can get pints, halves, or flights of 4, 6, or all 8 of their taps (for 6, 8, or $12, which makes the 6 option the best deal, randomly).

Make sure to use the restroom. Also there's some kind of local grocery store across the street. On Thursday nights a drum circle starts up at the park right there. What a cute little city. 

The Black Sheep - Richmond, VA

Road Trip restaurant pick! On a Sunday at about 7:00pm, there were a few tables open (no reservations here) in this fairly small, adorable, comfortable, nice restaurant, you know, one of those places that has the perfect balance of down-to-earth casual, while still being a nice gastropub.

It seems clear that everything on this menu will be a hit. I decided, based on this restaurant, that I would like to live in Richmond for a while, at least if I could live in this neighborhood that's apparently called "The Fan."