Local Roots - Roanoke, VA

Local Roots is one of my really good road trip finds. There were tables outside, at sunset, with perfect weather. There was no wait. And they let us have our dog there, bringing her water twice.

They have local beers, and you can get pints, halves, or flights of 4, 6, or all 8 of their taps (for 6, 8, or $12, which makes the 6 option the best deal, randomly).

Rappahannok Oysters: Really good! They seem to be drizzling some pickle juice on their oysters in Virginia. It was nice.

Corn fritters with shellfish, hominy, ground cherries and tarragon: Fun! What I really loved were the little yellow cherry things. Wow!

Hollow Hills Bison Brisket with pole beans, sunchoke, leeks and chicory: Good stuff, the accompaniments are so fun, and the bison had great flavor, which it doesn't always.

Ancient White Park Burger with housemade pimento cheese, bacon and B&B (bread and butter?) Aioli: It needed a little salt, but then it was totally one of the great burgers. The bun and the toppings were all right on (except the bacon doesn't add anything).
Kennebec Potato Fries: Yesss - just look at 'em.
B & B Aioli: Oh yes.

And just look at that. Oh ho ho ho ho. Now that's a medium rare.

Custard: It's a close call, but this might have actually been the best part of dinner, which I've said maybe once in my life before about a dessert at a restaurant. Crazy good flavors and textures. Who knew squash could be made into a custard? 

Make sure to use the restroom. Also there's some kind of local grocery store across the street. On Thursday nights a drum circle starts up at the park right there. What a cute little city. 

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