The Black Sheep - Richmond, VA

Road Trip restaurant pick! On a Sunday at about 7:00pm, there were a few tables open (no reservations here) in this fairly small, adorable, comfortable, nice restaurant, you know, one of those places that has the perfect balance of down-to-earth casual, while still being a nice gastropub.

"Arepas de Queso y Patito - Traditional fried masa flatbread, stuffed with queso & roasted duck leg meat. Served with escabeche & poblano cream sauce" - $9.00 - Oh yeah, this was delicious. I mean, obviously.

"Curry Lamb Shank Tacos - Braised lamb shanks pulled from the bone with potatoes and peas in a spicy vindaloo sauce, topped with a cool mint raita, and pickled red onions. Served with lemon and cashew basmati rice" - $16.00 - How good was this little fusion? It is one of the great regrets of my life that, after spending that night at a friend's in NJ, we accidentally forgot the third taco in her fridge. Why?!??!? :[

"USS Congress Chipotle roasted pork shoulder simmered in a tomatillo barbeque sauce with grilled pineapple & a Mexican style pickled pepper & cabbage salad, loaded into a toasted french baguette" - This was the "half" size for $12.00. You can get one that is, I guess, twice as long for $18.00. If it's hard to tell, the "half" size was a foot long. This sandwich was fantastic, especially once we added a little salt and sriracha - it needed just a little oomph to carry all those flavors to the back of the brain).

It seems clear that everything on this menu will be a hit. I decided, based on this restaurant, that I would like to live in Richmond for a while, at least if I could live in this neighborhood that's apparently called "The Fan."

Apparently some ass wipes have been stealing their fun little artworks 'cause this was written in the restroom.. twice. Come on, people.

Is this not the cutest logo?

No drafts, but the bottle selection is nice, with lots of local beers.
Like this Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager from Lexington, VA.

And of course they had to have this, all the way from England.

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