Friday, November 14, 2014

Mei Mei

Condiment shelf had sriarcha, soy aioli (so good), soy vinegar, ketchup, honey, simple syrup, and whole milk (they offed cold brew coffee).

Lunch Menu

Double awesome ($7): delicious runny eggs oozing everywhere with cheese and pesto sauce, with that soy aioli and sriarcha on backup

If cornbread and hushpuppies made sweet sweet love and came out with a litter of perfectly fried babies that were greater than the sum of their parts, meet the Sweet Corn Fritters with a sriracha aioli ($4). If you put a maple aioli or syrup or honey on them instead, they could be a dessert, like denser corn donut holes.

Magical Kale Salad ($6) with local leafy kale woth local sea-brined feta, garlic Panko, rice wine vinaigrette, and a slow-poached then fried egg: meh. Fresh stuff but too much Panko to even be that healthful (and they almost have a stale taste) and just not as amazingly delicious as all their stuff. If you feel the need to get it, it is a lot better with the soy aioli.

Dinner Menu

At dinner time it goes from counter ordering to full service.

Daily Toast ($7) - I forget what all was in it, some cream, sesame seeds, cucumber, sriracha and more. Whatever it was was delicious.

Honey Walnut Shrimp ($17) with toasted nuts, honeycomb candy, crispy shells and walnut mayo: The walnut mayo was somehow more like a shallow pool of sweet cereal milk than I was expecting, and I guess the honeycomb candy was melting around in it. The crispy shell thing is cute, but it was hard to figure out how much of it I wanted to eat. The greens seemed a bit random, there to add a little color and substance but not particularly blending with the rest of the dish. The shrimp themselves were great.
 I got the feeling from this dish that I'm more into this place's lunch options. Most of them are available at dinner anyway, so stick with the "Smaller" plates, which is, I suppose, what I almost always suggest at all restaurants.


Chocolate potato chip cookie: disappointed the find out the only chocolate was that top drizzle. The potato chips were a nice salty touch, but honestly the cookie just want great. It was the quality of those cookies they gave you for free as a kid at the store.

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