Xiao Bao Biscuit

Xiao Bao Biscuit  - An affordable, casual restaurant with a fun menu where everything is super delicious.

Okomomoyaki - a Japanese cabbage pancake: With fried egg (they were out of pork candy): Fuck. Charred flavor. Fuck, flavor oh oh oh.

Egg rolls with duck leg confit, fois gras mousse, cilantro, and fermented ginger sauce - Oh just the best egg roll I've ever had. Best foie gras use too. Fuck.

Banh He - Chive & coconut crepe, bean sprouts, herbs, nuoc cham dipping sauce: oh my god, flavors 

Beers from South Carolina (including a gose, which is the second time I've seen that style in a week, the first time being at a wonderful restaurant in Virginiaand it wouldn't be the last. Apparently that's trending. I finally had one and am not a fan.), from Laos, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and Colorado, Thailand, Idaho and California, plus Mexican coke, a coconut milk drink and a housemade Vietnamese lemonade 

Sit inside or out on this adorable patio. Either way, the whole place is super cute and fun and casual.
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