McKay's Public House - Bar Harbor, Maine

McKay's Public House is probably the best restaurant in Bar Harbor.

If you lived in Bar Harbor, you'd be friends with the owner. I've never met a nicer, more accommodating guy. He's clearly a great guy who's beloved by all. It's to the point where if he turned out to be a serial killer, you'd be like, "Ohhh, I was afraid he was too charming."

You'd want him to get away with it. He's just the right level of handsome for it, you know what I'm talking about?

He wanted to give us champagne because we'd just gotten married a couple of weeks ago, but we asked if we could have beer instead. 

Duck wonton: quite good

Fried green tomatoes with balsamic glaze and cilantro cream sauce: so good, perfectly cooked, good cream sauce 

Burger with caramelized onions, jalapeños, beer cheese: Perfectly cooked. Just add a little salt. Beer cheese and jalapeños was definitely the way to go.
Fries: thin but not too greasy
Sriracha aioli: very nice, good spicy level

Guinness and chocolate cheesecake: yup

Beer flights for $7.50!
Look at this awesome local beer list including a cask!

Outdoor garden patio with lights and heaters, and a half outside patio, and a beautiful inside. See their restroom signs on my World Toilet Signs blog.

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