This is one of the many kinds of things that makes New York City awesome, a dedicated cookie shop. Think about it. Where do you go in your city when you just need a great cookie? How about at 11pm? You can get these truly excellent cookies from 8am until midnight.

An americano and a Shnickerdoodle cookie. That's what I call breakfast. Just tell them to go easy on the water. Everyone always over waters americanos. The Shnickerdoodle: crispy outter ring, perfectly gooey center, excellent flavors, an amazing cookie.
Ristretto espresso and a chocolate croissant. It was good, made there and drizzled with honey, but not so good that you shouldn't just have a cookie (or perhaps one of their "sinful" cinnamon rolls) for breakfast.

Fluffer Nutter Nookie: yes.

Classic chocolate chip with sea salt: seriously one of the best cookies I've ever had. A rival to Canto 6's chocolate sea salt cookie.

The Monster: not as good as the others

Only issue? No restrooms, even for customers, which is always a little rough for a place that serves espresso.

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