Sweet Cheeks: Too Damn Expensive

Sweet Cheeks annoys me because, as a Texan, I find their BBQ way too damn expensive and not good enough to justify it.

Searching for a good biscuit in New England is a sport for masochists and thus, a pastime of mine. Sweet Cheeks had put me out of my misery on this front.
These biscuits ($10 for 4) were so moist and addictive and perfect with the soft honey butter (spread it on, watch it melt, then bask in the heavenliness)... the first time I had them. I would've come just for these, the rest of the food being pretty iffy.

And I did come back for them, but they got bigger and less impressive. They're no longer perfectly moist but a little too fluffed out, overworked. Damnit. The honey butter is still good.

Left to right:
Bbq: good
Sweet and sour: a bit too sour
Ginger jalapeño: good

Fried Green Tomatoes ($7) - Fried Green Tomatoes: They come with a very dill-heavy jalapeno ranch that was pretty tasty, but the green tomatoes themselves were not ripe enough.

Fried okra ($7): I do so appreciate the long pieces.
Jalapeño ranch: They actually charge you $1.50 for ranch. It's good, but that's a bit steep for a side of ranch.

Heirloom Baked Beans: These are good, and they're well-stocked with meat.

My search for food fried chicken ($21) in New England continues. Skip it, it falls apart so that you can't get skin and meat in the same bite without a fork. I've had better from grocery stores.
Farm Salad: Arugula, something fennel, candied walnuts, Brussels sprouts, grapes, Parmesan and probably more. A great side salad.

1 Texas-sized Wing: Two wings came, so apparently even the number "one" is bigger in Texas. Good smoke flavor, a little chewy, really large... hormones?
The brisket sandwich ($12) was nice and moist. Just add a little salt.

Ribs half rack ($18): Tons of meat, and the flavor's fine, but they're not at all that fall apart kinda thing I'm looking for. Anyway maybe it'd be better if they'd just serve you a half again this size for $10 or something, so not every option here leaves you paying $30 for any kind of meal.

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