Cherrywood Coffee - Free Yoga Every Morning!

There's free yoga at 8am every morning, as well as stuff like this advertised on the bulletin.

Banh Mi: Yes! The flavors!  The French baguette for it was actually done well! How is it that this coffee shop with free yoga and a comedy open mic and tons of outdoor live music has, among lots of other things, an excellent version of a banh mi!? I couldn't have come back to Texas quickly enough!Chips and salsa: The salsa at this mother effing coffee shop is better than almost all the Mexican restaurants in Boston.

Try the peanut butter cup for dessert. It's actually vegan, supposedly. It's so good I think they're lying about that.

Enjoy some espresso ($2.25) on the patio outside, though actually it was a little bitter.

They also have a great local beer selection on tap!

Yoga, Coffee, Food, (Restroom,) Beer, Peanut Butter Cup, Repeat!

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