Philco Bar + Diner

Philco is on my list of restaurants that make me think I'd like to live in a city for a while.
Nutella Grilled Cheese with today's Jam, Havarti and Ohio Cheddar ($4! Now that's a reasonable price!): The cheese was a bit overwhelmed. It's a fun sandwich, though you could make it at home and maybe make it better. Plus, then you could so be high while eating it.

The Breakfast Biscuit, with a chorizo patty, chevre, shallot preserves and a fried egg ($6): This was one of those dishes that made me wish I had ordered what my date ordered. I want to go back to Columbus just to ear several more of these. Every element of it was excellent. Making ground chorizo into a patty was genius. The chevre melts into a sort of cream sauce. The biscuit was wonderful. The egg fried perfectly. Damn. 

The Johnnycake Sliders with Blackstrap Pulled Pork and smoky Napa slaw ($9): These were good, but they were a little dry and needed a little salt, pepper and Sriracha. I was jealous, as I said, of the Breakfast Biscuit. 

Look at all these cute local beers!
They have Sriracha and Valentino sauce. They have happy hour specials, a daily soup and pies.

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Side note: At a gas station nearby, I saw these! If they hadn't all been expired, I definitely would've been excited to try at least the Biscuits and Gravy. Tater Salad potato chips... it's genius, really. If Larry the Cable Guy gets to have a line of potato chips, I'm definitely going to be a comedian with a line of something. Maybe some kind of fat kid ice cream line.

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