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701 Coffee

May 26th, 2016

I wouldn't be able to place money one way or the other as to whether the 40ish barista is a guy with long hair or an M to F. He or she doesn't seem concerned. He is kind. A sticker on the top right of the front door, where one might place a Yelp, Zagat, Visa, or Belly sticker, there is instead a sticker that proclaims this cafe a Safe Place, in a police badge-shaped rainbow decal. It's a common sighting for me this trip to Seattle, although I don't really know what it means. This sticker was on the door of a glasses shop I stopped in. What might happen at a non-Safe Place glasses store?

One of the free weeklies at this shop, The Stranger, features a full page advice article for women on how to masturbate ("When was the last time you sat down and took a good hard look at your pussy? Like got all fold, crease and flap?") The author dates men, but, when encouraging women to watch all the porn they want, her suggestion for circumventing the moral p…

Love Letter Adaptation Wins Oscar

The following was a writing exercise I did with a writers' group circa 2012, when I was about 26. I think the exercise was essentially to write a review, as if for a newspaper, about a movie called Love Letter winning an award. Love Letter as both a book and a movie, in this case, is fictive (although I believe there are at least a few books and movies with this title). Opinions expressed in this writing do not necessarily reflect my current or future beliefs.

Love Letter Adaptation Wins Oscar
Having apparently exhausted all potential film plot lines, Oscars are now being given out exclusive;y to historical pieces and sappy book adaptations as there is no other choice. Thus the guy who directed the adaptation of the predictable, mass-pleasing novel Love Letter accepted the Oscar last night for Best Picture.
This book was written by the same cynical at best, actually-that-much-of-a-pussy at worst asshole who brought us The Notebook. An unsettling two million people have read - or a…


She was the only girl in the room sporting a long ponytail, cargo shorts and a hoodie, and quite obviously the only lesbian. She'd briefly held out hope that the cute girl with a short haircut and glasses might be a lesbian or at least bi, but by the time they'd picked which board games to play, Glasses had already mentioned her boyfriend.

Somerville Board Gamers had seemed like a great place to meet women. It was Somerville, for chrissakes. And board games! But with few exceptions the other attendees were hippie-ish or overly geeky middle-aged men.
Ah well, I can still enjoy board games. I came for the board games, not for women. I didn't just come here for an excuse to maybe meet a woman.
It seemed that at least once a day someone repeated the "You only find 'em when you're not looking" line, so she wasn't looking.
Still, it would be nice if some of these people weren't social retards. Am I one of these people? Do I belong with them? After all, I, …