She was the only girl in the room sporting a long ponytail, cargo shorts and a hoodie, and quite obviously the only lesbian. She'd briefly held out hope that the cute girl with a short haircut and glasses might be a lesbian or at least bi, but by the time they'd picked which board games to play, Glasses had already mentioned her boyfriend.

Somerville Board Gamers had seemed like a great place to meet women. It was Somerville, for chrissakes. And board games! But with few exceptions the other attendees were hippie-ish or overly geeky middle-aged men.

Ah well, I can still enjoy board games. I came for the board games, not for women. I didn't just come here for an excuse to maybe meet a woman.

It seemed that at least once a day someone repeated the "You only find 'em when you're not looking" line, so she wasn't looking.

Still, it would be nice if some of these people weren't social retards. Am I one of these people? Do I belong with them? After all, I, just like them, chose to come to this Meetup.

But then she remembered that she'd had plenty of cooler friends in her life, had had sex! with cooler people, and therefore could rest assured she wasn't actually this low on the social totem pole. She just had to choose a different Meetup next time.

Actually, I wonder if that table behind me is a Meetup. At least a couple of those girls are lesbians. Ah, this is Somerville after all.

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