Alamo Drafthouse

I love Alamo Drafthouse. It was a fantastic idea to have draft beers and better food at a studio movie grill type place. They do all kinds of fun events (sing-a-longs, old school or obscure movies, etc.), and some of the food is great (queso, loaded fries, fried pickles).

Some of the food is fine (mini banh mi hot dogs, hatch green chili pork stew, cookie trio, buffalo cauliflower). Some of the food is quite good (meatballs, avocado toast, the shrimp and broccolini dish).

However, their burgers are a problem. Twice now we've had the same experience. I'm posting this to remind myself, really, because I'd forgotten after the first time until being reminded by the exact same thing happening again.

We ordered one of their burgers and said, as we almost always do wherever we go, "medium rare, but, like, ere on the side of rare, because some chefs overcook whatever you ask for." The server said, "Gotcha, totally."

We then received medium well done burgers, which to me is a complete waste of meat. You cannot really taste the beef when it's overcooked. My wife and I don't make much money, and we don't want to waste our calories much less our money on overcooked burgers. So we wrote a note to the server about it being overcooked when we specifically had a conversation about "medium rare, ere on the side of rare."

The server, both times, then told us, "Oh apparently there's a health code thing where they have to cook them at least medium."

First of all this is absurd. We get rare-medium rare burgers all the time. But even if this is a real rule, the server should have come back and told us, rather than letting us wait 30 minutes into the movie for our burger then having us have to send it back in the middle of a movie, all with long waiting periods in between and communication via little slips of paper. It's incredibly distracting to be starving, angry and confused for the first 45 minutes or so of the movie. If Alamo is going to enforce this insane waste of burgers/medium+ policy, they need to train their servers to warn the patrons with good enough taste to reject those burgers in the first place. We ordered a fried chicken sandwich instead, and we received a rubbery chicken breast, way over fried. We were splitting it, and my half was almost completely just fry batter, no meat.

I can't believe a company as successful and respected as Alamo Drafthouse allows such incompetence in its chefs and servers.

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