#1 Foodie Asshole Approved Burger: Farm Burger

Some couples have "their song," people in my family have "their restaurants" with our significant others. Farm Burger (in Decatur, Buckhead, and Dunwoody) is my sister and her girlfriend's restaurant. Here their tastes converge.  My pescatarian sister can get a delightful vegetarian quinoa burger with many interesting toppings, and her pre-ancé* can get the delicious, grass-fed cow burgers (which are amazingly perfect).

The burger burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, swiss, smoked paprika mayo, pickled jalapenos and sweet potato fries - $7.75 for Cheeseburger, $3 for Sweet Potato Fries**
The sweet potato fries are everything they should be. The hand cut fries rule too (even better with the garlic/herb/parmesan available).
The quinoa burger with tomatoes, onion, smoked paprika mayo, swiss, and sauteed mushrooms - $6.75

I had a bite of my sister's quinoa burger, and it was quite good. I've had a couple of vegetarian phases and have tried my fair share of the things. I would have taken the cumin down one notch, but it was about as juicy and flavorful as you can hope in a veg. burger.

You choose your own toppings (though they have a list of suggested combinations for those who suck at this kind of thing), and they range from a bunch of free options to the lone $3 option (roasted bone marrow). The smoked paprika mayo and the FB sauce (an interesting 1k island/tartar sauce hybrid) are the obvious choices as far as sauces go - please get some of both on the side for your fries. The veggies are all fresh, coming from local farms, and the pickled jalapenos are are house pickled in some kind of fabulous pickling sauce.

Just look at that juicy, suculent meat.

Left: Smoked Paprika Mayo, Right: FB sauce

This burger used to tie as my #1 Favorite Burger. Unfortunately, the other place in question now sucks. So Farm Burger is the standing champion!

Next time I'll try some more interesting shit on my burger.

$1 examples: cured lardo, fried farm egg
$2 examples: oxtail marmalade, pork belly

And sides!

$3: fried chicken livers, gouda grits & bacon
$3.50: Pimento cheese fries with pickled jalapenos
$4: chicken pot pie fritters, apple chutney

After shot: was there ever any doubt?

They have five rotating local drafts ($5-$7), some cans, bottles, wines, and adult shakes (with Young's Chocolate Stout, Well's Banana Bread Beer, or Original Apple Cider), plus many great non-alcoholic options (like the hibiscus & cinnamon float($4.50)).

This is my favorite kind of restaurant: completely casual, has amazing food and a really fun and interesting menu, plus local draft beers, all at low prices! Holy cow.

Farm Burger on Urbanspoon

*Oh look, I'm coining a neologism!  In our modern times, many of us have this whole thing where we want our marriages to be partnerships and not some unbalanced bull shit where a man contracts to own a woman.  Having come a long way from that, the whole script of proposing is getting more and more awkward.  I always ask married couples, especially heterosexual ones, whether they really had a surprise proposal or if it was more like they discussed it and agreed.

I mean, other than in Mormon culture or other crazy ass-backwards subcultures, marriage now tends to come after having known someone for a long time, probably living with them for a while, and then finally deciding you're ready to and desire to commit to each other for life in front of a bunch of people, sign a bunch of paperwork, etc. etc. etc.  The idea that one person would make a whole ceremony and surprise the other person with this proposition before ever discussing it (and more likely discussing it quite seriously, and at length), expecting an immediate answer seems outlandish at this point.

But we're raised with romantic notions about shit like that.  "Can there still be a waterfall involved?" we think to ourselves.  Yeah, for sure.  So you do what my sister and her pf (yup) are doing.  They've discussed it.  They plan their futures as being together, and so they're really already engaged, but they first of all don't really have the money to be spending on even the simple rings they want (I mean, they're both finishing up grad degrees), and second of all they want a bit of that ceremony.  So they have a plan set up, involving the help of friends, so that my sister will one day be able to surprise her girlfriend with a scenario with a bunch of awesome shit involved, and they can go through the whole one knee thing and make it official.

So you see, they're pre-fiancés, or... pre-ancés.

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