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Wanting breakfast one morning when time permitted only a neighborhood venture, Jenn mentioned that she'd been having a craving for an English muffin for a few days, and so I tried to think of somewhere in the vicinity from which we might be able to procure one.

After a handful of disappointments, we were all set to just buy a pack from the store or else give up on her dreams, when I suggested that we try Punta Cana.  This is one of those little down to earth Latin-of-some-sort (Puerto Rican/Dominican I guess) café establishments with a clusterfuck menu of assorted Latin and American foods and nicely low prices, and I just hadn't gotten around to it.

Wouldn't you know though, right there among about 200 other items of the menu, was an English muffin.

Now generally speaking, you want to stick to the thoroughly South American stuff at a place like this.  I.E. I would steer clear of the chicken cutlet parmigiana towards their mofongos (which I've actually read are their forte).  If you're adventurous, they have sautéed liver, pig feet stew, and other such funnesses.

It's not like they're gonna mess up an egg McMuffin though.

Left: Jenn's little egg, cheese muffin; Center: my pickled peppers; Right: My huevos rancheros breakfast, with  3 warm tortillas at top left

While not the pickled jalapenos my Texas upbringing taught me to love, at least they had those peppers for me.  The meal was yummy.  The people there were also very, very nice.  I hadn't noticed the "pay before sitting down" sign, but the lady didn't say anything, and she was all smiles, friendliness, and "no worries!" when after our meals I went up, apologized for my breach of procedure, and paid.

This is one of those neighborhood places you really ought to patronize as otherwise it'll fall prey to gentrification, and then you won't be able to get a nice breakfast for two for $7.50 anymore.

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