Mountain Fresh Creamery: Clermont, Georgia

On a drive from North Carolina to Atlanta, my sister wanted to stop and try a cute little ice cream place, and it wasn't long before we found one.

Look at this little mat welcoming us in!

The woman working there was very nice and explained to us all about how the operation worked.

We got a pint of butter rum, but unfortunately I was just about out of Lactaid, so I only got to have two bites.

Butter Rum
Butter rum's not my favorite anyway, which was really better for me since I couldn't have much of it, but it tasted good, and Cami and Nonalee seemed to really enjoy it.  What was awesome was the fresh, creamy butter we also bought there.  There's nothing like fresh butter, and that's definitely worth a trip to  a creamery or a market where they sell their stuff.  Buy or make yourself freshly baked bread and spread some real, fresh butter on top... now that's the life.

Anyway this place was ridiculously cute.  Here are more pictures:
Cami considers doing some milking...

I get right in there.

Rock off the ice cream you just ate!

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