If you want to sit outside in the Fenway area and eat some fun and decent sushi, I'm not sure where else you'd go besides BASHO. Enjoy a glass of iced green tea ($3.50 - beware: refills are not free).

Crunchy Roll ($12.95): This was our favorite roll of the day. The fried onion is really nice and fun, the mango drizzle is great, then fish and tobiko and cucumber - it works really well. Surprisingly good. Turns out not enough people are putting fried onions in their sushi.

Spicy Avalanche Roll ($12.95): The funny idea here (a bit of toasted cheese) worked pretty well too. It was nicely spicy and almost as good as the Crunchy Roll.

   Tiger Roll ($12.95): This would've been really good if they hadn't gone so heavy on the mayo. I'd either ask about going easy on it or skip this roll. 

Spicy Duck Bao ($9): Nice soft bao, only okay duck and other flavors

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