Torchy's Tacos Trailer Park: Austin: South Congress

The last time I stayed in Austin, I was at a girl's place that was across the street from Torchy's Tacos Trailer Park location.

I was still without Lactaid on this trip since I was trying to go without dairy for a month, so I studied the menu in a hungover daze for about an hour trying to decide what to do before finally deciding, "Fuck it," and buying a bottle so that I could have queso and tacos with creamy sauces.  It's still pretty hard to decide which tacos to get though.  They always have a special taco of the month too, always with a cute name (currently "The Libertarian" - a chicken-fried jalapeno sausage link, with grilled peppers and onions, grilled jalapenos, Green chile queso, and pico de gallo, topped with jack and cheddar cheese and served on a flour tortilla).

I didn't get to go on the Torchy's run, but I asked for lots of everything was the salsa bar.  Look how good my friends are to me:

From 12 o'clock, clockwise: Diablo Sauce, roja sauce, pico de gallo, chipotle sauce, tomatillo sauce, avocado sauce 
Obviously the creamier ones (avocado, poblano(sadly not pictured), and chipotle) are the most delicious, but they're all good and have their place.  I would just get the sauce that comes on your taco normally and then use these on any extra chips you have after you devour the Green Chile Queso Dip you really must order (unless you come here regularly, in which queso waking up to a tub of queso dip every morning is probably unadvisable).
They told me it's be a crime for me not to try the Green Chile Queso - $4.95.

It was really good.  It stayed smooth and creamy, never congealing (not that we gave it very much time) but without that bull shit Velveeta taste.  The green chiles and all those toppings you see really take this queso to a highly addictive place.

This might have been a special or something.  Where the fuck are my notes on this?  Anyway I see arugula, avocado, mango, queso fresco and some kind of meat on two corn tortillas with a wedge of lime.

Baja Shrimp Taco: Hand-battered fried shrimp with cooked cabbage slaw topped with pickled jalapenos and onions, queso fresco, cilantro and a wedge of lime, served with chipotle sauce on your choice of tortilla (flour here).

They were both great, but we called ahead with our order, and by the time they got back to me they were a little cold and soggy.  I would suggest going and eating there (but try for off hours 'cause this place gets packed).

If for some reason you're felling more burrito-y, that option is available.  Also, they have street corn (corn elote) off the cob, which I find to be way superior than getting all that shit all over your mouth and stuck in your teeth and all.

Street Corn - Off the Cob!

They also have breakfast tacos, and one day I hope to review them too as breakfast tacos are the shit.

Not only are there eight locations in Austin at this point, but Dallas and Houston have now both been blessed with locations, though they may not be keeping their shit together in all the expansion.

I'd be happy for the chance to go to another location to find out!  Mm, tacos!

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