Doughboy Donuts: Boston: South Boston

Espresso Rating: 4/10

I kind of didn't realize that my $5 for $10 of Doughboys Donuts coupon would get me a fuck ton of donuts since they're all still about buck a piece at this old school donut shop. Whoops. I could have taken some of them back to my roommates or something, but, predictably, I instead decided to do my foodie duty and try a bite or two of each of the eight donuts I selected.

What I still had when I got home

It's always a bit weird to be in Southie where white people work behind the counter of a donut shop, blue collar workers take their daily donut and New England brand coffee to go or sit and rest at the tables shared with the deli next door. The young lady who very kindly helped me asked if I wanted my espresso in coffee or anything, probably thinking I didn't understand what just an espresso would be as it's likely that no one has ever ordered just an espresso from her.

Double Espresso - 4/10

Maple glazed - I shouldn't have gotten the sprinkles. The dough was too airy and dry, the maple flavor subtle but good.

Jelly Stick (turned out to be blueberry) - It had more filling than Dunkin Donuts' jelly sticks, but it was only barely better quality.

Plain Sugar: pretty good but still dry
Butternut: Randomly, this was totally a ginger donut and thus shockingly good. The dough was also denser and moist. This one made the trip. If you feel the need to have a Doughboy Donuts experience, get this guy.

Apple Fritter - The only one that was $2 instead of $1 - Jesus that's big

If you're into apple fritters and want a shit load of that on the cheap, then you'll enjoy this. I don't really care for the sugary baked apple filling myself, but I did appreciate it's size, the pillowy inside dough and the glaze of the mountainous outside. Split it between three people.

Blueberry filled donut - better than the jelly stick, but I don't have the ability to enjoy a cheap jelly-filled donut the way I could as a kid anymore. Not after being spoiled in NYC by The Doughnut Plant and, most of all, Dough.

Chocolate filled - I could've been a bit disappointed that the chocolate was almost completely what you see on the outside, but you really wouldn't want more than that of this chocolatey frosting anyway.

Plain Glazed - Not bad, a little denser than some of the others

My iPhone and I walked out of there, both powder-covered messes. The men in this place stared at me the whole time as I snapped photos of eight donuts and took a bite or two from each, sipping black espresso.

Then I went to the gym.

Part 2: 

Totally incapable of wasting that much food, I had to do something with the rest of it? I wasn't sure anyone would really care to have my bitten-out-of leftovers, so I decided the only thing to do was to eat the rest myself. I'd bake them in the oven in order to see if they were any better warmed up. Maybe I just didn't get how great these were supposed to be because I hadn't gotten them fresh in the morning. This was as close as I could do to simulating that.

The loaves and fishes-like amount of donuts my original $5 had purchased and that remained after my initial feasting.

I tried adding Trader Joe's insanely delicious and nutritionally horrifying cookie butter to the jelly-filled donut. It was good, but honestly not an important experience.

I finally baked the leftover leftovers to try to simulate original fresh-out-of-the-oven-ness. Sadly, it wasn't perfect. I think you actually have to live or work near this place, actually have to be a legitimate partaker of the 'nuts, a dude with a job who just wants a donut and coffee in the morning for the job he has to wake up early for, in order to get yourself there at 6 AM for some fresh balls of dough. If, like me, you're just an asshole who won't get around to coming in for a mountain of doughnuts until 11 AM, then just don't. Just don't. Just go to the nice cafe and bakery you live near and get yourself a wonderful scone or croissant and an americano or latte like you're supposed to.

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