Sesame Seaweed Snacks from Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has a new seaweed snack out. I won't gush over it quite the way I did with the wasabi seaweed, but I do really like it. 

Sesame seaweed snack - $.99 for .7 oz (The other seaweed snacks are $.99 for .4 oz, though the extra weight here comes from oils and sugars)
Instead of small seaweed sheets, you get crumbles. It's sweet from sugar and sesame-y from sesame oil and sesame seeds, and I think it tastes great. If you like seaweed, you'll enjoy this. It's messy as fuck though, so either sprinkle it on something, tip it back into your mouth, or be prepared to eat it like a viking who don't give a fuck, scraping the last bits out with your slightly saliva-damp hands adhering the crumblies to them and then sucked off your fingers.

The whole bag is 120 calories of decent enough nutritional value, with a lot of vitamin a and c.

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