Escorpion: Atlanta, Georgia

Ah shit, once again I've gone too long before reviewing a restaurant for which I didn't take notes, so that now my memory is quite muddled.  Thank god for pictures.

Apparently one in a group of trendy restaurants of various cuisines in Atlanta called U Restaurants, Escorpion is the Mexican Tequila Bar and Cantina of the bunch.  My sister, Cami, and I went to try it out together last time I was in town.

Complimentary chips and salsa.  The salsa was pretty good, a good sign.

Flor de Catarina: Mezcal, Jalapeno-infused Honey Syrup, Lemon Juice, Cucumber Foam - $9
It sounds fancier and more fun that the real experience, and then it's so small!

Cami got the Mezcal Mule: Mezcal, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, Mint - $9

At least with this one you get more!  Plus the pottery they serve it in is so cute.  It was actually also pretty darn tasty.

Goddamit this appetizer isn't on their menu anymore, so let's see: looks like seared tuna with nopales, red onions, and white onions with some kind of yummy yellow aioli thing
Again, I remember it being tasty but wanting there to be more of it.  I assume it was somewhere between $9-$12.

Shit, this one's no longer on the menu either 'cuz aren't those capers?  There's nothing with capers on the menu anymore.
Well this just confirms my belief that they're working things out at Escorpion.  All the tacos are $3.5-$5 or 4 for $12.5-$18.  It's my personal belief that a taco should be between $1-$3 almost no matter what you're puttin' on it, so at $4 or whatever, this taco, while I vaguely remember it being tasty, felt overpriced.
Tuna Ceviche with Watermelon, Serrano, Olive oil, Smoked Sea Salt - $9
The ceviches may be the best bet.  This was delicious, and $9 doesn't seem that bad.  There are lots of really interesting ceviches to choose from, like the Hamachi: pineapple, jicama, chipotle adobo, grated dried corn (also $9) and the Salmon: mango, coconut milk, ginger, sesame seeds (for $8).

The waitress then explained that their credit card machine was down.  Fifteen minutes later, when it was apparently still down, she brought us two of these in apology:

Fifteen minutes after that, Cami went up to the waitress and asked where the nearest Wells Fargo was.  The waitress gave her directions and then when Cami said, "Okay, I'll be right back.  I'm just gonna get some cash so I can pay you."

Then the waitress said, "Oh, you want me to cancel your credit card, then?"

"No... you said it was down."

"Oh, it's back up."


"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't already bring you back your receipts?"

"Nope, nope we're just waiting over there."

And, of course, we still tipped her just over 20%.

All right, so I kinda fucked this review up.  But all you really need to know about this place I do remember: the menu is pretty interesting and the food is tasty, but not so good that you don't leave the place thinking, "Man, that wasn't very much food for how much I paid."

But it's a young place, so maybe they'll up their game to the point where it's not just for assholes like my sister and me (sorry Cam).

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