Best Coffee Shop in Nashville: Crema

My cross country road trip partner, Katie, and I were still too satisfied from lunch in Knoxville to really eat in Nashville, but we were of course up for some more espresso, which, through my foodie powers, I determined we should acquire at Crema Coffee.

Espresso (Rating: 9/10)

Though they were getting ready to close on this slow night, the barista clearly knew what was up since she bothered to give me a "to stay" cup for my espresso, which any arabicasshole knows is oh so important for tasting the black gold. Or perhaps I should say, the golden gold. Just look at that stuff. It was really, really good espresso. Their "About Crema" page really is worth reading; it's just heartwarming when people are passionate about what they bring to the world.

Stone ground chocolate is my favorite kind, so I was delighted to find that they had a local company's stone ground chocolate for sale.

It was almost as good as my favorite chocolate: Taza in Somerville, MA (available all over the place, especially Whole Foodses, cool coffee shops, and various yuppie havens, particularly in the northeast).

Had I seen the option before ordering my espresso, I would've gotten a special they had at the time (not sure if it's still there now): the bourbon barrel sorghum latte. The barista told me it was awesome, and I'm sure it was :'[

If you've really got a sweet tooth workin', check out their Baccanerra Mocha – natural blackberry syrup, espresso, CREMA’s homemade chocolate sauce topped with steamed milk and whipped cream.  Sounds good, huh?

They also do Vietnamese Coffee.

Katie got a mocha (which they make with housemade chocolate sauce that isn't too sweet), and they did the cute latte art thing, though apparently I didn't get around to taking a picture of her drink.

They sell various pastries and whatnot, but we weren't there at the right time for that. I imagine they take pride in what they offer on that front too.

The nice baristas also gave us great advice about what to do with our very limited time in Nasvhille.  Apparently Nashville as a fucking full scale replica of the fucking Parthenon left over from the fucking 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition!

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7AM – 7PM Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 6PM Saturday
9AM – 4PM Sunday

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