Summermoon Coffee: Austin: South Congress

Oh how I wish I lived in Austin whenever I walk into one of their coffee shops.*  At Summermoon Coffee, you can buy to take home their wood-fired, cold brewed espresso!  I want!
Speaking of espresso, their's was so frothy and flavorful.
Espresso Rating: 9/10

My friend got her cute little sugary coffee drink: the Summermoon Latte with, I think, vanilla, caramel, white chocolate and hazelnut

Despite the fact that I didn't have any Lactaid with me, my friend thought it was good enough for me to try a sip anyway.  Indeed it was tasty, but once you go black, you never go back.

They also sell a lot of worthwhile breakfast foods (like Torchy's tacos) as well as awesome bars 'n' stuff.  Check it out.

Look at my table!

Nice logo and history and whatnot

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*or bars or stores or restaurants

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