The Pit - Shoulda Gotten the Ribs

My girlfriend likes to use an app that finds restaurants near us that have been on food shows. For our first meal in Raleigh, this led us to The Pit because of Bobby Flay,  the Man vs. Food guy, and two other shows. Bobby Flay lost his throw down at The Pit. We were in a great BBQ state. Clearly, this was going to be amazing.

There's lots of seating inside and out, and of course, having escaped April in Boston, we enthusiastically basked in the sun. Our waitress couldn't have been more friendly, always refreshing when I return to the south. I was happy to see that they give you the option of 10 or 20 oz beers. I love being able to either limit myself to a good lunch size of 10 oz. or else try several different smaller beers at night.

Lots of local beers, $3 for a 10 oz. of most of 'em. Gotta love that.

The pulled pork was a little dry and chewy. We were a little disappointed.
Sadly, at lunch you don't get biscuits with your meals. Instead you get three dry hush puppies. The collards and fried okra were just like you get anywhere, good stuff.
The fried chicken was better, moist and juicy, though not as good as the fried chicken we'd find during the rest of our trip in NC (reviews coming). The mashed potatoes and gravy were good. The vegetable cucumber salad with fresh orange tomatoes (different depending on the season) was delicious and perfect to have if you're trying to mitigate the weighing down of your meal. That sauce was called the Oak Island sauce, which I asked for from somewhere else on the menu. It was basically ranch and whole grain mustard, fun times.

It's possible we really should've tried their ribs and wings, but these meals failed to impress us to the point where we'd understand why the place has been on four food shows. That being said, I've love to go back again to try those ribs and wings because it's fun and comfortable and I can get 10 oz. local beers for three freakin' dollars!

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