The Commodore: NYC: Williamsburg

The Commodore is one of my favorite spots in New York City.  It's a super chill bar before 9 PM (at which point it gets crowded) with a decent amount of tables, free video games, excellent food, and great drinks. The bar is open daily from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m., and the kitchen is open on Sunday to Thursday from 4 p.m. till midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays from until 1 a.m.

Once again, I fucked up with the pictures.  I promise to do better next time.  And there will so be a next time in the case of this joint.

I forget which drinks this was.  When you get there and look at the placemat, it's the one with lemon and a cherry.  It was pretty good, but not as good as my drink:
The Commodore (pina colada with and amaretto floater).

They have a small selection of good draught beers, plus some hipstery cheap ones.

$11 for this plate of three huge pieces of chicken, four little biscuits, honey butter, hot sauce, and hotter sauce

Every bite of this was magical, totally worth the twenty minute wait and the subsequent rush to my day it caused.

Look at the flakiness!  Oh oh oh!

I am so ashamed of the injustice my shitty pictures do to the magnificence and perfection that is The Commodore's fried chicken, biscuits, and honey butter.  This is the best fried chicken I've had in my life.  The native Georgian behind the food worked at Diner, Egg, Pies n Thighs, (and sort of at Saltie) and while his fried chicken may or may not actually be better than what you'd get at any of those places now, you can now get this crunchy, dripping, juicy, intoxicating joy while sipping on The Commodore, sharing a $10 pitcher of Williamsbrau (TC's cheap house brew), or one of another dozen cocktail options.  If you go during happy hour, those cocktails are all two bucks off.

hot fish sandwich ($8)

It's so damn hot, but still so good, so crispy and crunchy.  Still, only order it if you're accompanying it with a frozen cocktail and/or you're properly conditioned for serious heat.

When you take all the factors into consideration (food and drink options, quality and prices, location, and atmosphere), this is one of the best places to hang out, eat or drink in Williamsburg.

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