FoMu's Funky Vegan Ice Cream Opens in JP

FoMu is a new Centre Street addition, branching our from its original Allston location, serving all vegan delights. Most of their flavors are coconut milk based, but they have a soy-based soft serve and a few cashew- and almond-base flavors. I've had some truly amazing cashew-based ice cream before, so I can't wait to give those a spin. They have a shit load of flavors to try in general though. Many of them are normal (Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel) that stay pretty steadily on the menu, but they also have some queer ones that they're changing around all the time (Rice Honey Lavender, Peanut Butter Mud Pile, Rose Water Saffron).

As was my foodie duty, I had to get the weirdest foodie-ass combo of flavors, so this is Avocado with Sweet Lemongrass. They also had Thai Chili Peanut, which would obviously be fun with either of those two or even mixed in with both for a whopper of a ridiculous bowl of Thai dinner ice cream. The sweet lemongrass' texture wasn't as creamy, so that it was almost like a sorbet, but the avocado was creamy as could be. The avocado flavor was pretty subtle, of course, and the sweet lemongrass got old pretty quickly. These flavors are perhaps only there to get curious foodies such as myself to rearrange our schedules to get to FoMu so that we can have tried them, and, you know, put this silly shit on our food blogs. 

My girlfriend, who loves food as much as I but is also sane, got the Vanilla Bean mixed with Banoffee. Despite the name's obvious indications of either banana with coffee or toffee, Banoffee is actually banana, caramel, chocolate chips and graham crackers crumbs. That shit's delicious, but really intense. I can only imagine and immediately repress the likely calorie count. If you have one hell of a sweet tooth and my kind of insane creamy tooth, this is for you.

These are some awesome toppings. 

The vegan pastries from Sabertooth looked great. Perhaps one day I'll try them. They do have coffee and espresso drinks available as well. However, they don't open until 11:30, so I guess that's a breakfast for the partying late crowd.

Sun-Thursday 11:30-10

Fri/Sat: 11:30-11

617 Centre St. in JP
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