Another Farm Burger!

The 4th Foodie Asshole approved burger ever!
Click here for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd (forthcoming: Bull City Burgers in Durham, NC).

The Farm on Adderley (in the Kensington/Borough Park area) is one of those great New York City restaurants where almost anyone might come and eat. The back patio is magical. Suppose you're a little drunk and perhaps a little high, this is the place to spend a silly hour or two.

The bathroom smelled straight up like Christmas time wassail. I had this impulse to look through the dresser drawers in the bathroom, but that was just a leftover from having been to Sleep No More the night before.

Farro tots with ramp yogurt and pea tendrils - $9 - The tots were kind of like
falafel. They were tasty, but I actually enjoyed the pean tendrils and the delicious ramp yogurt more. 

Farm Burger: pasture-raised beef on a homemade english muffin with housecut fries - $14 - (with cheddar added for an extra $2) - The fries were so good! Soft inside, crunchy out. We didn't even have to ask our brilliant waitress for a fun aioli for our fries. She could tell we wanted one and brought us a tasty curry aioli.
And the burger was actually awesome! It was good beef, and they made it perfectly rare! The English muffin was the perfect size in all dimensions for the thick but not too wide meat patty. It's nothing crazy, but it's in the top ten burgers I've ever had. I give it a 94. 

As the night got late and the delightful backyard patio grew more sparsely populated, it occurred to me that it seemed unnatural for people not to be smoking out there. Back in the day, smoking was such a great way for strangers to initiate interactions. You can so easily approach someone and ask, "Can I borrow a lighter?" From there you can choose to begin talking to a new person. Perhaps you'll learn something about life. Perhaps you'll make a friend. Perhaps you'll wind up collaborating on a documentary. People still do this at parties, but you're all there because you're connected through someone or something already. People do this outside of bars, but it's often short-lived as one of you goes back to the bar. Restaurant or coffee shop patios were the perfect place for this kind of world-mixing. Yet another force that keeps people from really engaging with their community. Hmph. Sigh.

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