Boston's Shake Shack

I loved Shake Shack in New York City. So why was it so disappointing in Boston (Chestnut Hill)? Have they gotten worse with expansion? Or has my taste simply gotten too sophisticated for its own good?

My girlfriend got a Single Shack Burger - $4.75 - It just wasn't as good as Tasty Burger. Is that because I wasn't drunk? But I wasn't drunk when I went in NYC... I need to do more research. If you've had Shake Shack in both NYC and Boston (or any other cities), let me know whether they've tasted the same to you.

I did finally get the Shack Stack - $8.95 - The melted muenster and cheddar cheese-stuffed fried portobello burger atop a Shack Burger.

The beautiful cheese still gooed out of the mushroom, just as it did before, but it just didn't taste good this time.

The cheese-covered fries were nothing special either.

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