Myers + Chang: Best Chicken and Waffles in Boston

So many times, I'm dying to try a place for months or even years, and then it turns out to be such a letdown. Myers + Chang wasn't one of those letdowns.

First of all, though a little different perhaps from a completely "authentic" bahn mi, this short rib and pear bahn mi (available at lunch time) may be the best bahn mi I've ever had and is certainly the best in Boston. The flavor harmony could make a person cry.

Pineapple Express: So good! Sweet pineapple and basil! Better than the Capital Grille pineapple martini even. One of the best frou frou cocktails I've had.
Bloodlust: Good, fresh ingredients, but not as exciting as I hoped. The sriracha salt was cute but just that.

Bloody Myers ($10) - A sake-based take on the brunch staple, with a two-pepper salt rim: The best Bloody Mary I've ever had? Probably.
Summer Sangria with rhubarb, lemongrass, ginger and apricot brandy - A lighter recipe, very nice

Salt and Pepper Calamari ($7): Really good calamari, good enough to make me not care about that story on This American Life (or whatever it was) about the cow bung thing. The spicy mayo was great too. 

Twice-cooked lamb belly stir fry - long beans, hot mustard, slippery noodles: Really good, very oily and slippery 

Szechuan shrimp and okara grits: It turns out grits are excellent with chili oil.

Crispy Arctic Char Roll: I hadn't realized it would be this kind of crispy, an actual fried wrapper, which I wasn't into, but the arctic char inside was yummy. It comes with a sauce that I think is spicy mayo thinned down with soy sauce, wasabi, sesame oil - yum! Kind of like my beloved Baja sauce. 

Edamame, mustard greens and wasabi dumplings: perfect dumpling wraps, nice wasabi nose punch (exactly the same strength as Trader Joe's wasabi seaweed snacks), but we should've gotten the meat dumplings. Next time.
Next time came! Mama Chang's Pork + Chive Dumplings ($6) - Holy yes bucket. And that sauce. Oh ho ho. Merry Christmas to me.
Nirvana Chicken Bao ($5) - So good
Braised beef bao ($3 each): great, but the bahn mi version of these on the lunch menu is so much better

Ginger scallion bok choy ($7) - Get in some veggies.

Fried chicken and ginger waffles: Best I've had in a long time, spicy flavorful, great chicken
-With surprising sauce: a nice spicy sweet glaze, though we still could've used some maple syrup
-and sesame honey butter: perfect
I love how my girlfriend and I have tried a dozen Southern or Modern American Gastropub or Whatever places that claim to have great fried chicken, only to be disappointed over and over again, and then finally find a delicious dish of it at an Asian restaurant. Oh, Asians, always head of the class.

Chocolate peanut butter cake: Holy shit! A cake that isn't too rich and noxiously sweet. This is a smart cake.

Coconut cream pie with lime whipped cream: This was really good coconut cream pie. Fresh toasted coconut. A rich buttery tart shell, like a Christmas sugar cookie. Fresh whipped cream, light custard cream.

And complimentary coconut merengues to top it all off - amazing.

I got brunch take out one Sunday and brought it home to my poor fiance who has broken her foot:

A better picture of the Fried egg banh mi with sweet soy glazed bacon ($7 at lunch and $8 at dinner)

Tea-smoked Pork Spare Ribs ($14): So tender and good! The fresh cracked Szechuan pepper is nice and spicy, and there's a rich, juicy, tea flavor too.

It's comfortable, fairly casual, and friendly, with, not only a delicious menu, but actually delicious food. I can't wait to eat everything here. This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. They also have a small outdoor patio. Get there by noon to snag a table for lunch.

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Skippable things:

Sweet potato chips and horseradish dip: very sour creamy, very mild horseradish 

Pomegranate duck wings with praline ($7) - A little too sweet and tart for me, but the fuck itself was perfect and the praline was so fun.

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