Nice Coffee Chain: Pavement Coffee House

Pavement is a good, solid coffee shop/cafe (with three locations in the Back Bay: one on Gainsborough, one on Boylston and one on Newbury). It's not Boston's best coffee, but it's Boston's best coffee chain.

Espresso: Ristretto! Not too bitter,  somewhat flavorful, pairs nicely with sweet pastries 

The only problem with the Newbury Street location is the predictable lack of space. I had to eat and drink my breakfast on this log while waiting for two women to finish their conversation in order to do a bit of work on my laptop. While adorable, the log was pretty low and thus didn't make for the most comfortable arrangement, even if I hadn't wanted to get some work done. They have three tiny tables, three tables that make decent work stations, and three logs. The other two locations both have ample seating.
A board announcing the current coffee and espresso is a reliable sign of a good coffee shop.

Small Americano - The americanos here have this nice little molassesy flavor I really enjoy, almost like the flavors from a good coffee stout.

Almond Cinnamon Square "Croissant" - The pastry part was soft, dense and sweet like tart dough. I found the whole thing a bit too sweet, which means the average person would love it. The textures were very nice.
Chocolate Coconut Scone: Meh, heavy, just an excuse for flour and sugar and chocolate, clumsily made

They heated my chocolate croissant! Really good, though no better than Trader Joe's and certainly not as freshly out of the oven, even heated.

The Wrangler ($7.50) - Roast Beef, Lemon-Dill Horseradish, dijon mustard, greens, tomato, and onion on ciabatta.

It's just a fucking sandwich, not even as good as I'd make for myself. It helped me realize how crazy I've become when it comes to feeling like I need meat in every meal nowadays, or at least a lot of protein. Yes protein is good for you, but. It when it means you're getting something with way too many calories that you won't be able to not finish just because the roasted vegetables side you should have ordered didn't have meat in it, or if it means you don't get the delicious sounding goat cheese and sweet potato or breaded eggplant sandwiches which at least you wouldve enjoyed more, then maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Tequila Sunrise (but with jalapeño tofu subbed in for jalapeños cream cheese) on a sesame bagel: Ugh an egg patty, thin, sad, tiny bacon, pointless tofu except for the jalapeño bits, mushy flavorless tomato, some red onions and a Boston kind of bagel. What was I thinking? I know bagel sandwiches should be avoided. If a cafe has fresh made bread, then maybe maybe maybe a sandwich.

At Pavement you get an hour of free wifi a day and after that it's $5 for an hour.

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